Humanity uploads around two billion photos every single day. A staggering 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Most of us create digital files at work and for our personal projects. Our digital worlds are expanding all the time.

But does that digital data have a shelf-life? How do we ensure that our most precious digital files are preserved and accessible when we need them? What happens to them when we can no longer access them ourselves through illness or death?

In the physical world there isn’t a distinction between storage and preservation. You may have a…

TimeBox is like a time capsule which utilizes decentralized storage technology and smart contracts. We build an advanced blockchian for digital assets such as photo, video, password, banking statement, cryptocurrency and even memories downloaded from the human brain. A full copy of ever executed in the currency. TIMEBOX, provide an online custody service that is simple, powerful and convenient for everyone.

Time Box Network

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